Friday, January 25, 2013

Giallo IQ Test


Find out if you are a brilliant, stealthy, killer or a brain-dead, hapless dupe by taking my giallo IQ test. The grade scale is at the end of the quiz with the answers below that in fine print. Score 1 point for each correctly answered question. Use of alternate titles is acceptable.

1. Name 5 giallo titles that contain the color black.

2. In what giallo was the setting partially lunar?

3. Name 5 creatures that appear in giallo titles other than Argento's animals (bird, cat and fly).

4. Name 3 gialli with Mimsy Farmer.

5. Name 3 "bloodstained" objects in giallo titles.

6. Which of the following countries has not been the setting for a giallo - Australia, Iceland or Haiti?

7. Name 3 gialli with Suzy Kendall.

8. In what giallo was a phallus used as the murder weapon?

9. What giallo was set in New Orleans?

10. What three giallo films were based on Edgar Wallace stories?

11. Name 3 gialli with Florinda Bolkan.

12. In what giallo was a portable power saw used as the murder weapon?

13. Name 5 gialli with numbers in the title. 

14. What giallo featured "God" as a character?

15. Name 3 fashion accessories that appear in giallo titles.

16. Name three Lenzi/Baker collaborations.

17. What giallo was set in San Francisco?

18. In which giallo did Nicoletta Elmi not appear - Deep Red, Footprints on the Moon, Who Saw Her Die?, Short Night of Glass Dolls?

19. In which giallo were crows employed to find the killer?

20. What giallo was set in Ireland?

18-20 points - Black Gloved Assassin   Way too much knowledge, you must be the culprit!

15-17 points - Accessory to the Crime  Knowledge implicates you in the conspiracy.
12-14 points - Red Herring                    Appear knowledgable but are actually an innocent.
  9-11 points - Innocent Victim              You obviously don't know enough to be dangerous.
  6-8   points - Super model                     Run for your life stupid!
  5<    points - School Girl in Peril          Nice knowing you, Solange.


 1. The Perfume of the Lady in Black, A Black Veil for Lisa, 7 Notes in Black, Vice Wears Black Hose, Black Belly of the Tarantula.
 2. Footprints on the Moon.
 3. Lizard in a Woman's Skin, Iguana with the Tongue of Fire, The Case of the Scorpion's Tail, Don't Torture a Duckling, The  Bloodstained Butterfly and A Dragonfly for Each Corpse
 4. Four Flies on Grey Velvet, The Perfume of the Lady in Black, Autopsy
 5. Shadow, Butterfly, Orchids
 6. Iceland. Australia was the setting for The Pyjama Girl Case and Haiti the setting for Tropic of Cancer.
 7. Spasmo, Torso and Bird with the Crystal Plumage. In the Devil's Garden (1971) is also acceptable although not technically a giallo.
 8. The Sister of Ursula
 9. Dario Argento's Trauma
10. What Have You Done to Solange, Seven Bloodstained Orchids and Double Face (1969)
11. Lizard in a Woman's Skin, Footprints on the Moon, Don't Torture a Duckling
12. My Dear Killer
13. 5 Dolls for an August Moon, Seven Bloodstained Orchids, The Red Queen Kills Seven Times, The Fourth Victim, The Fifth Cord, 2 Masks for Alexa, The Killer Reserved Nine Seats, Four Flies on Grey Velvet, 7 Murders for Scotland Yard, The Two Faces of Fear, Seven Deaths in a Cat's Eye, Seven Notes in Black
14. Four Flies on Grey Velvet - Bud Spencer played the character Godfrey or "God" for short.
15. Vice Wears Black Hose, The Perfume of the Lady in Black, A Black Veil for Lisa
16. Paranoia (1969), So Sweet, So Perverse, A Quiet Place to Kill
17. One on top of the Other (Perversion Story)
18. Short Night of Glass Dolls
19. Opera (1987)
20. Iguana with the Tongue of Fire

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