Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Here's some of my favorite cinematic faces alphabetically. The "best film" notation refers to what is both critically and popularly considered the finest film the actor has worked in. "Personal favorite" represents my own choice of the actor's best role. And lastly, "Craziest" means the most absurd role or movie (or both) in which the actor has participated. 

Claude Akins
226 roles
Best film - Rio Bravo
Personal favorite - The Devil's Brigade
Craziest - Battle for the Planet of the Apes

William Bendix
89 roles
Best film - Lifeboat
Personal favorite - The Glass Key
Craziest - The Big Steal

Laird Cregar
16 roles
Best film - This Gun for Hire
Personal favorite - Hangover Square
Craziest - The Black Swan

Royal Dano
192 roles
Best film - The Trouble with Harry
Personal favorite - Face of Fire
Craziest - Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Jack Elam
206 roles
Best film - Once Upon a Time in the West
Personal Favorite - Support Your Local Sheriff!
Craziest - Scrooge's Rock 'N' Roll Christmas (TV)

Jay C. Flippen
108 roles
Best film - The Killing
Personal favorite - Bend of the River
Craziest - The Spirit is Willing

James Gammon
137 roles
Best film - The Iron Giant
Personal favorite - Macon County Line
Craziest - Cabin Boy

Pat Hingle
195 roles
Best film - Norma Rae
Personal favorite - Hang 'Em High
Craziest - Maximum Overdrive

John Ireland
200 roles
Best film - Spartacus
Personal favorite - Red River
Craziest - Satan's Cheerleaders

Anthony James
77 roles
Best film - In the Heat of the Night
Personal favorite - High Plains Drifter
Craziest - The Teacher

Skelton Knaggs
40 roles
Best film - Terror By Night
Personal favorite - The Ghost Ship
Craziest - Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome

Art LaFluer
149 roles
Best film - Field of Dreams
Personal favorite - Trancers
Craziest - Rescue from Gilligan's Island (TV)

Mike Mazurki
156 roles
Best film - Some Like It Hot
Personal favorite - Murder, My Sweet
Craziest - Gilligan's Island (The Friendly Physician episode)

Reggie Nalder
55 roles
Best film - The Man Who Knew Too Much
Personal Favorite - The Bird With the Crystal Plumage
Craziest - Liane, Jungle Goddess

Simon Oakland
150 roles
Best film - Psycho
Personal favorite - Chato's Land
Craziest - The Outer Limits (Empyrian episode)

Werner Peters
108 roles
Best - Der Untertan
Personal favorite - The Bird with the Crystal Plumage
Craziest - The Invisible Dr. Mabuse

John Quade
108 roles
Best film - Papillon
Personal favorite - Planet Earth (TV)
Craziest - Planet Earth (TV)

Aldo Ray
109 roles
Best film - We're No Angels
Personal favorite - The Centerfold Girls
Craziest - Frankenstein's Great Aunt Tillie

G.D. Spradlin
72 roles
Best film - Godfather II
Personal favorite - North Dallas Forty
Craziest - Who Killed the Mysterious Mr. Foster? (TV)

Dub Taylor
246 roles
Best film - The Wild Bunch
Personal favorite tick...tick...tick...
Craziest - 1941

Robert Urquhart
114 roles
Best film - 55 Days at Peking
Personal favorite - The Curse of Frankenstein
Craziest - The Avengers (Castle De'ath episode)

Pruitt Taylor Vince
94 roles
Best film - JFK
Personal favorite - Nobody's Fool
Craziest - Identity

Chill Wills
131 roles
Best film - Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid
Personal favorite - The Alamo
Craziest - Night Gallery (The Little Black Bag episode)

Richard X. Slattery
96 roles
Best film - The Boston Strangler
Personal favorite - The No Mercy Man
Craziest - Herbie Rides Again

Burt Young
134 Roles
Best film - Rocky
Personal favorite - Once Upon a Time in America
Craziest - Carnival of Blood

Anthony Zerbe
Best film - Papillon
Personal favorite - The Omega Man
Craziest - The Strange Vengeance of Rosalie

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